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Blonde Kimberly Kane is such a hoot. She looks awfully sexy and attractive and she definitely knows how to play with the camera. With her glossy lips parted like that she is absolutely looking for someone fun for hours of sexy time.

Now she is showing off her tits. Though her nipples are pierced, that didn’t stop her from being so raunchy and they’re all natural. She needs you to play them with your mouth. The dirtier you want it to be, the better.

Kimberly Kane poses on the stairs and is showing her shaved pussy. Only brave hot bitches can do that stuff exposing their privates and I must say Kimberly does a good job on it. She wants a solid cock inside her.

See how Kimberly holds her tit and touching it with a dildo? That is a clear sign that she is very horny right now and anything hard and pulsating will do to satisfy her needs like a huge horny cock.

It feels so fucking good to shove something hard and alve in that eager pussy of hers. Watch as Kimberly shoves the dildo so deep. Ahh, how you wish it was your dick instead because it’s way bigger than that.

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Age: 28
Height: 5′ 9″
Measurements: 36B-27-34

Kimberly Kane began her adult career back in 2003 and prior to that she worked as a dancer, a waitress at a Hispanic restaurant, and a home care aide. Born a Virgo on 8/28/1983, she is now close to 31 years old and is still active in the porn industry. Kimbely’s mother was part of the adult movie realm as a producer which is probably why porn has made such an influence on her in choosing a better career. Moreover, Miss Kane made it as one of the hottest adult model and actress.

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Watch these three girls have girly fun in bed. Nothing malicious at the moment, just pure giggling and you wouldn’t suspect they are up to something else. Something filthy and much more. And that remains to be seen with Kimberly and her pals.

Just as suspected, they are really dirty little bitches! Kimberly mawns a girl’s lawn using her tongue while the other one bends over to expose her already horny cunt. Aren’t they clever and overly hot for this? It’s getting better.

Now we are about to witness the three of them do more of their hott lez stuff as they shift positions in bed. Having three naughty bitches as hot as them could cause cock arrest too soon spitting jizz all over them.

Kimberly loves eating pussy too and it shows. She doesn’t waste time laying down on the bed and so she pokes her pal’s yummy clit gently, probing further. The three of them are having a hell of a good lesbian fuck.

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Miss Kane holds up a finger to that guy in a red Hawaiian shirt. But the bastard is insistent in making an offer she just can’t refuse and Kimberly finally said yes. Why does jerkface gets to be this lucky?

Sleazy guy finally gets our blonde bitch to do her thang. Kimberly proceeds to sucking off his cock inside the limo and things are just about to get started. His already hard boner is maintained by our hot blonde Kimberly.

See Kimberly Kane mounting the guy’s hard and wet tongue. He is so creative that he swirls his wide tongue upward, pleasing her all the more. she couldn’t help but moan as he thrusts it in and out of her.

Apparently the couch is still a comfortable place than a limo and that makes sex better. Dude fucks Kimberly slow and deep just giving her enough to sink it all in. He on the other hand all hard and horny.

Kimberly blows his dick and gets a facial. It is the tastiest juice she has ever had and would do more naughty stuff to get more of it even it it means sucking a huge hairy cock and balls.

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Three beautiful blonde girls in their workout attire… are they not so sexy in them? Kimberly sure has hot buddies and the three of them are going to rock the gym using their hot bodies and this is going to be fun.

So the three of them poses for us which shows their healthy, well-built physique. Blonde girls so beautiful and intensely hot and they seem to get anything they want and they always succeed.

Oh, so they have a different agenda all along – working out a hot dude’s body and his enormous cock. Watch as Kimberly and her pals take turns in pleasing him by giving him intense blowjob.

Having three lovely blondes with you is not that exhausting as you think it might be… They are waiting for their turn anyway. Working out in a gym with this kind of setting can be quite addictive.

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Kimberly’s pauses to flash her tits. I love them a lot because they’re natural which means they’re mainly soft to the touch and are so squeezable. It alss looks nice to rub my pre-cum on her pierced nips.

So a mature guy check out Kimberly’s amazing slim body. His controlled grin speaks in volumes to which Kimberly finds it real amusing. Whatever he has in mind, we will get to witness in a few.

Surprisingly enough that dirty old guy has a cock that is so hard and erect for her. She gets down on her knees to suck it off as clean as she can, aiming for more excitement as time passes by.

She is so fucking wet for him. Old dude shoves his meat deeper and harder and Kimberly is losing it. That’s how he rolls and our blonde slut has to take it in whether or not she likes it!

Horny mature guy is supporting her lovely thighs as she rides his old wang. They are both feeling very hot and trembling from the pleasure all that fricition is giving them. Screwing someone as old as your dad isn’t that bad, really.

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